I am the most sporadic writer on the planet, but I promise to do my best to keep writing for whoever decides to follow me. I have books with prompts. If nothing else, you'll get random little stories. Consider this part of my New Years Resolutions, six months later.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have way too many ideas...

Personal note:

I was organizing my laptop the other day to reflect a priority change I've had lately and I realized that I have ten works that I want to publish that are in the midst of rough draft stage.


Over half of them are novels, one is a short story that I'm hoping to sell on Amazon at some point, there are two short story series one for kids, one for adults. Seriously brain. NO MORE IDEAS.

I am working on a rather impressive blog post but it's taking time because I want to do this right.

In the mean time I have ten works that I need to try to finish at some point.

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