I am the most sporadic writer on the planet, but I promise to do my best to keep writing for whoever decides to follow me. I have books with prompts. If nothing else, you'll get random little stories. Consider this part of my New Years Resolutions, six months later.

About Me

Hi, my name is Jo, and I work in a button factory...

I mean, hi, I'm Jo and I'm a writer. Sometimes I think I'm a comedian, but mostly I'm a writer.

What else about me...

I grew up in the Piney Woods of East Texas, and save for a short stint in Miami, I've never lived anywhere else. I changed cities for college, naturally, but we were 'mid the pine trees of East Texas'...

I've been writing for nearly fifteen years, fanfiction of one form or another, original stuff, Mary Sues, Gary Sues, I've been writing for so long that my fanfiction characters have children that actually appear in my original works. No joke. I can think of a slew of characters from original fic that were born of fanfiction.

I've been trying to focus on original fiction, but it's not always easy, right? I have the stories. I have awesome settings and characters and everything, I just tend to lack plot.

Then I threw something together. It's like hovering between rough draft and first draft, and like an eager little idiot, I self pubbed it. I would love to take that back, as exciting as it is to know that I wrote a novel and published it, it's got mistakes. Mistakes I'd like to fix.

Ten years from now, I'm going to stare at that book and cry, because it's got mistakes.

Maybe I can eventually figure out how to get over myself and just fix that stupid thing before someone outside my bloodlines buys it, right?

The purpose of this particular blog is for me to try to find a niche to write in. It'll probably be filled with my enthusiasm to write, my listliness, and my triumph at reaching whatever invisble goal I've set myself. Maybe I'll review writing books, I mean, I'm certainly reading my fair share of them.

I guess that's about all I can say about me.

Well, there is one more thing, I've spent a lot of time making Guardian of Hope a somewhat 'known' person in fandom, but I promise, I'll try not to bring that here because this is about the original stuff, yeah?

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